Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aquarium and Marine Museum

Universiti Malasysia Sabah’s aquarium. Although the aquarium in Universiti Malaysia Sabah is not big but there are various type of fish and coral. There are gigantic grouper in the aquarium. I don’t know how much the weight of this grouper but you can estimate it yourself.

I think the picture hardly tell you the size of the fish.

Beside grouper, you can also find Gill in Finding Nemo here. I have taken a few of Gill photos.

You can also find sea horse here. Want to ride on it? Well, the size of this seahorse is just about the size of my hand or even smaller.

I want to show the picture of the sea turtle but unfortunately on the day I visit the aquarium, the sea turtle always stay away from me. So it is quite hard for me to take a good picture of the sea turtle. This is what I manage to take.

Here are the fishes in the small aquarium. There is a gigantic lobster inside the aquarium. Wonder how much it cost for 100g. This lobster is known as Panulirus Penicillatus or Asian Spiny Lobster.

Although you can't find shark in UMS’s Aquarium, but you can find the best friend of shark here. Yes, the Remora or also known as Shark Sucker is the best friend of shark because they always attach to sharks. Remora has an oval-shaped sucking disc to allow them to attach to larger fishes. Remora can grow to 1m in length. It can vary in color. They often present in shallow inshore brackish areas, as well as around coral reefs. They are ground at depths ranging from 20-50 meters. Remora has a widespread distribution in most tropical and some warm temperate marine waters.

oval-shaped sucking disc

The pictures below are other fishes in the aquarium.

This is a strange fish i found in the aquarium. I don't know what is it's name. For me, it look like kissing fish.

This is a cute fish in the aquarium.

Can you see the fish in this picture? It is near the rock. I wonder it is sleeping or just hiding.

Among all those fish, I like the remora fish. They look big to me in the aquarium but when you watch in some education shows such as National Geography, they look so tiny when they are attached to the sharks. Well, here are more or less the fishes in University Malaysia Sabah Aquarium and Marine Museum.


Johnny Ong said...

good exposure for the kids (i mean those really young kids)

Borneo Falcon said...

A nice and comprehensive museum

sabahking said...

i think the sea turtle scare of ur face !!

IguanaKia said... it similar or bigger than the KLCC one?..which one better?
Coz' I might want to go. I'm abit into fish..heheh.

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

kissing fish their mouth should will keep move in and move out like kissing one.. haha.. sarawak muzium got one but is not sea fish one lah..

CH Voon said...

nice photos nice photos!

TNS said...

the grouper is nice to be eaten