Saturday, May 14, 2011

Khuntai Restaurant, Thai Seafood in Butterworth Penang

In Penang whenever I have the desire to taste Thai Style seafood, Khuntai Restaurant is my first choice. Khuntai Restaurant is a Thai seafood restaurant that located nearby Jalan Raja Uda Butterworth Penang. I have been here for at least three times to taste their Thai style seafood. The price for the food at Khuntai is reasonable and environment here is very nice. There is indoor and also outdoor sitting area which is nicely decorated. The outdoor sitting area is something like small hut.

While the main dishes are in the progress, we can always order starter to warm up our appetite. There are many starters to choose in the menu and the Kerabu spicy sotong is one of them which I have tried before. The sotong or squid is mix with onion, chili padi, tomatoes and others vegetable. It is highly recommended for those who love spicy food.

In Khuntai, their rice is not just serving in plate to their customers but it is filled into a special, nice looking Thai design pot. The customers then can take the amount of rice that they one to their own plate. This type of serving style and the used of the Thai design pot make the dining environment more alike to a Thai restaurant.

Tom Yam soup is a dish that must not be missed out while dinning in Thai style restaurant. The seafood Tom Yam in Khuntai contains squid, prawns, fish, tomatoes and other tom yam soup ingredient. Well, I like the Tom Yam in Khuntai because it is not just only spicy like most of the Tom Yam soup I have tasted but really bring out the taste of Thai Tom Yam soup.

The famous dishes in Khuntai are the seafood that steam with their own made spicy lemon source. All the seafood here can be cook in this style which is the MUST order dishes. I have tried the lala , Kempar and also prawns that steam with the spicy lemon source. You will never feel enough once you try it!

After having such a heavy spicy meal, a cool coconut pudding can help to put out the fire.

For those who are interested to pay a visit but don’t know the location, you can directly search Khuntai restaurant in you GPS system. If your GPS map doesn’t show this point, then you can search for Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Li Hwa and Khuntai is located near the school. Hope you will enjoy the food too!


Nava Krishnan said...

Been here before, besides the food, I like the lovely kampung style environment to dine in.

Phil Younghusband said...

nice set of pics the food looks so delicous