Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Day Of Exhibition

The day of exhibition was on 16th of April 2009. This is only a small exhibition in our faculty which is organized by the IEEE of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. The visitors are mostly student but the judges are specially invited by our lecturers. Besides exhibition, there was also a competition among us where 3 teams will be selected as best design. There are about 11 groups of us so there were 11 products during the exhibition. However, some off the product does not function on the day of exhibition due to some technical error.

I do take some pictures on the day of exhibition but they are not much. I should have take more but I’m too tired due to lag of sleep. Most of the teams are not sleeping the day before exhibition. However, we still look good during the exhibition. Although this is only a small exhibition, but the visitors are not less. Maybe the size of the place is small that make it look crowded.

First of all, I would like to introduce my team which is Primetech electronic. As you know we design a dog collar. This dog collar is for dog training purpose and the way we design it is base on the information we got from a professional dog trainer. Hence it is extremely safe to use in dog training. So from what we got from the trainer, the collar is not use to train the dog to behave the way you want. It is used to correct their natural habits which will cause them sick or dead.

Let me explain the situation here. For example if you have a fierce dog to guard your house, when there is a thief or other intruder that wanted to enter you house, guess what will they do? Most probably they will throw some food which is already being poison for your dog. Naturally, your dog will eat it without a thought. However, with some special training course for your dog, this sort of problem can solve. During the training, the trainer will of course let the dog wear the electronic dog collar. After sometimes or few weeks when they get use to it , they will start the training. The trainer will throw some food from outside the house without letting the dog see him. Then they will observe the dog in a hidden place with the remote control in hand waiting for the dog to approach the food. The moment before the dog bit the food, the will turn the collar own and shock the dog. This will make the dog think that the food is giving them pain but not the collar. Hence, after few times of training, the dog will start to realize that unknown food that not in their plate by their owner will give them pain and they will be more aware in eating unknown food.

So, above is one of the used of the electronic dog collar in the dog training purpose. It is not a cruel stuff if the training is conducted in the correct way by a professional trainer. Here again is our product dumb on the table during the exhibition. I got no idea how am I going to demo without a dog. However, there are some visitors that willing to try the voltage which is pain but won’t cause any harm. Visit Primetech for more detail. However i think my blog got more detail of the collar than the website build. Haha!

Now lets me show the other product from the other teams. The one shown in above picture is the auto gate system, auto door and also auto light. Their prototype really looks good. The concept of this system is using sound to control all the devices. For the auto gate, the sound sensing sensor is placed somewhere near the car engine. When the engine starts, the sound sensor will detect sound from the engine and transmit a signal to open the gate. Once the car goes out of the transmission range, the receiver in the house will receive no signal and will automatically closed the gate. When you are coming back from outside, once your car are in the range, the gate will open again to welcome your return. At the same time, the light in your car garage will turn on automatically and the door to enter your house will be open too. This is just a draft design hence there still other issue that need to be solve if this system is being used practically. Visit Happinesscare to know more about this product.

Do you know what stepper motor is? If you don’t know, neverming, let Touch The Sky tell you what is stepper motor. For some blogger, the name Touch The Sky might be familiar to you. Yes, this product designs by famous SABAHKING from Touch The Sky Touch The Sky is trying to introduce stepper motor to the world by design a remote control car which not using ordinary DC motor but a stepper motor. Picture above show SABAHKING going to demo his remote control car to our faculty DEAN. Visit Stepper Motor 2009 to know more about this product.

Take a look at the picture above. What do you think this will be? Well, this is a camera which will follow object that go into the range of the camera. The application of this product is for security purpose where during night time when there is something moving outside your house and spotted by the camera, the sport light will turn own and follow the object. Visit Smart Follow Spot for more detail.

Next is this piece of unorganized circuit. What do you think this can be? It is another security system where when intruder are detected, it will call from the cell phone to the owner cell phone to let you know which part of your house had been break into or where the intruder is sported. The different of this product with the one in the market is that the one in the market use the phone in our house to call the owner. Which mean that if the intruder cut off the phone line of your house before they break in your house, you will not receive any call. Too bad that they come fisnish the prototype in time but they really did a good job. Visit S.C.U.K for more detail.

Here comes another interesting product. A musical fountain which the water will fire out followed the music. From the picture, the prototype does not look like a fountain at all but it really works well with the high bass soundtrack. Visit Aegis for more detail.

There are still lots of product which I can’t manage to take their picture. The heart beat detector is another interesting product. This is a low cost hard bit detector which is user friendly and can be owned by any people who like to check their heart bit at home. Visit WalkTogether for more detail

This is the one you must not miss. I’m regret that I can’t manage to take the picture of this product. However you can visit LAVATORY PROS to see what and how it looks like. This is a weight scale that going to build on you toilet seat. Yes, this is done so that you can weight yourself while busying with other stuff. It will also calculate your BMI too!!!

Here are websites for other groups which I’m not sure about their product so I can describe much about it. If you noticed the photo showing Sabahking’s product , you can see the team leader of TETYD is testing their cane which is not function well during the exhibition day. The electronic cane is a useful device for blind people but it is not successfully done yet. Visit TETYD to find out more about the electronic cane.

HELTZ - Centralized Home Wireless Electrical Switching System

Progad - Remote Control Digital Clock

Now guess who is the winner for the best design?? There are three team will be selected for the award. There were “The Heart Beat Analyzer” by WalkTothether , “ The Musical Fountain” by Aegis and unexpectedly “ Electronic Dog Collar” by my team. It is unexpected because we can’t even demo to show how it work to the judge and during the exhibition, excluding the non-function product, our product consider boring because you hardly see what can it do. However this product bring us a prize home.

Overall, doing this design project really drive us crazy. However we do enjoy lots and learn lots of thing especially during the final presentation when we receive dozens of professional comment from lecturers.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Electronic Dog Collar

Finally our project design comes to an end. From my previous post I had mention that my group is going to design an electronic dog collar. Although it is not perfectly done however it is successfully done. The electronic dog collar we design is nothing much than the one outside in the market. Maybe the quality still can't compete with the manufacture product. Below is the prototype of our product.


The one with the belt is the dog collar. The size seem a little big but that is what we call hand make. Actually the size can reduce to half of this but this is our first outcome, so there’s lots of imperfection. You might notice that we just use bolt and nut as the output pin. The output of the collar can reach up to 1000Kvolt but with a very small current. So it would not bring any harm. The other black box is the remote control. The range of the remote control can go up to 35 meter in an open area. We are using RF module for the wireless communication.

This product is really simple but due to lag of skill and knowledge; it takes us lots of time to finish it. Now everything has been done and I would like to shout out a loud loud “HURRAY!!” Before the day of exhibition, all of us (not only my group but all my fellow course mate) did not take a good sleep because we finish our product few hours before the exhibition starts. Here by I would like to congratulate all the other groups who had fought hard for their product.