Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moonwalker,Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the most famous stars in the world. It can be said that every people in the world know him regardless of their age (of course not a new born baby) or from which country. Unfortunately he had passed away and left everything he created as a history. It is shocking news for me, when hear from radio news that he had pass away.

I got nothing much to talk about him seem you can Google for his profile easily. Seem Michael Jackson is famous and everybody knows him, but how you know this name? As for me, I can’t remember which year but I know him since I’m a kid. However, I don’t know that he is such a famous singer and dancer that create dozens of record. This is because I know him when I play a SEGA game call “Moon Walker”. Michael is the main character in the game fighting with bad guys. The greatest skill he had in that game is his dance. You use the skill, then all the bad guys will follow Michael dancing then they will be killing in the end of the dance. Although during that time the SEGA graphic is not as good as now but the way the Michael in the game dance is very nice.

I still have the game with me now but it is play with PC where an emulator is needed. A nice game to play but I can’t run it now with window vista. I wonder how many people have tried this game before? Well, this is the way I know the name Michael Jackson. After the knowing him from the game, then I start to listen to his song which is “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal” and “ Billy Jean” where it is played in the game too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eclipse Stephenie Meyer

The 3rd book of Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer is Eclipse. In this book, the story, the Cullen has once again return to Folk and the triangle relation between Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black started. At the same time, Victoria has return for her revenge against Bella and the Cullen who had killed her mate, James. She creates dozens of new born vampire army to against the Cullen. Since Victoria's friend, Laurent who lived with Tanya family and killed by the werewolf when he wanted to kill Bella told Victoria about the ability of the Cullen, Victoria able to void herself for being seen by Alice vision. Hence, the Cullen doesn’t know the attack not until Victoria orders the new born army to attack Folks.

The attack builds up the ally of the Cullen and the werewolf who also wanted to protect Bella and people in Folk. Jasper Hale who had century of experience in fighting new born vampire teaches his family and the werewolf the effective way to fight the new born army. They won the battle and Victory killed by Edward Cullen.

The triangle relationship between Bella, Edward and Jacob carry from the beginning till the end of the novel. Although Jacob knows how much Bella love Edward, but he still try his best to make Bella change her mind. He knows that Bella will be change into vampire once she marries to Edward. However, his attempt fail when Bella agree to marry Edward and Jacob can hold his disappointment and leave Folk.

In this novel, I feel very annoy with the way that Jacob Black act in order to change Bella mind. First, he kissed Bella by force and second he force Bella emotionally to kiss him by telling her he is going to die in the battle. Jacob act stubbornly in this novel.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sematan Beach and Market

Last week I had gone to Sematan. This is my second visit to Sematan. Well, before I come here that day, I have went to Lundu which is located not far away from Sematan, I think about 1 hour drive maybe. In Lundu, I did not go for visiting although the beach in Lundu is well known as one of the best in Sarawak. I go to Lundu for some supervision work follow my supervisor to the district office for some JKR work.

Well, I’m not going to talk about what I do in Lundu but what I want to share here is what I had done after the supervision work. After we left Lundu, we went to Sematan to have our Lunch. Sematan is a place near the sea side. Hence, you can buy fresh sea food here. The wet market in Sematan is not big but the sea food here is fresh and cheaper than the price in Kuching market. After we finish our lunch, we walk to the market to see what we can bring back.The choices are not much in Sematan market because all the sea food sell here is based on what they can catch.

This is horseshoe crab. Have you ever eat this? They are still alive. I never eat this before but from what I know they did not eat their meat but eat their egg. Hence all the horseshoe crabs here are female. I wonder how they differentiate their gender. I bought my self 2kg of crab home. Quite regret for not buying the horseshoe crab, next time must buy and have a try.

After leaving the market, we headed to the beach. There’s a resort call Palm Beach Resort in Sematan where it is a nice place to relax yourself. We did not go there but to the public beach in Sematan. Well, we did not swim, just drop by to feel the sea wind before we take our way back to office. Sematan did not change much since my last visit.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Moon Stephenie Meyer

New Moon is the Second book of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. In this novel, the story is more about how the love between Jacob Black and Bella Swam is being built up when the Cullen leave forks. Besides, it is also an introduction of the character for the third and fourth book of Twilight series. I said so because the rise of the Quileute tribe as werewolf and their ability is being told and the ancient coven of the vampire in Volterra of Italy, Volturi is introduce to reader. The Volturi is the ancient and the strongest coven in the vampire world. They are more likely the ruler of the vampire because their coven is the strongest with almost all the vampire in the coven have special ability.

In New Moon, Edward Cullen decided to leave Bella because he feels that he will only bring danger to Bella. When the Cullen leave fork, Bella’s live change. She can’t accept the live without Edward and she found that she can hear his voice whenever she is doing something danger. Hence, Bella bought two non-function bikes and bring it to Jacob Black to fix. She believe that riding bike will make her able to hear Edward voice because it is dangerous act. This had improve her relationship with Jacob Black. When Bella try with another dangerous act which is the cliff diving, Alice Cullen who has the ability to view the future vision but unable to see vision when the werewolf Involve though that Bella commit suicide. She returns to folk to check for Bella safety. On the other hand Edward thought Bella already dead had decided to go to the Volturi and make them kill him. Alice and Bella go to the Volturi to save Edward. The Volturi let them go with the promise that Bella will be change into vampire within a year so that the secret of the vampire world is safe.

In this novel, Victoria who is the mate of the hunter, James that killed by the Cullen had return for revenge. However she is unable to penetrate the defense of the werewolf into folk for Bella. Her friend Laurent that meet Bella in the meadow while he is hunting is killed by the werewolf when he wanted to kill Bella.

As I had mention that this novel is more like a preparation for the up coming books, there are lots of characters being introduce here. The love of Jacob Black with Bella also forms a triangle in the third book.

In Kuching, you can get this book in most of the bookstore. There is also e-book to download.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twilight Stephenie Meyer

I’m sure that many of you have already watched the movie Twilight from the novel by Stephenie Meyer. Have you read the book yet? I wonder how many people have already read the book before the movie is out. As for me, I watch the movie before I start to read the novel. This is because after watching the movie, I feel that this is an interesting novel. Hence, I when on to and get the novel.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer contain 4 books in series. The 1st book is Twilight follow by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. During this semester break, I have already finished all the 4 books. Very interesting novel that make me can stop to read. Well, actually there’s another book name Midnight Sun which is about the 1st book, Twilight. In Midnight sun, the story is told from the point of view of Edward Cullen.

Twilight series are novel about romance and love. It is about the love story of a human and a vampire. The love for this novel is not only about the love among couple but also the love among family for such as the relationship among the family of the Cullen which is unbreakable.

The main characters are Isabella Swam (Bella) which the story is told from her point of view. Edward Cullen the mind reading vampire who fall in love with Bella. Jacob Black the warewolf that love Bella. The other members of the Cullen family are, Carlise Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale and Jasper Hale. Charlie Swam and Renee who are Bella parent that already divorce.

In the 1st book, Twilight the story is about Bella who move to folk and stay with her father so that her mother can travel with her new husband meet Edward Cullen and his family who are vampire. Bella started curious about the identity of the Cullen when Edward Cullen stop the car from crushing her with his hand in a lightning speed. She get the cruel from her friend Jacob Black that tell her the legend of his tribe Quileutes and the Cullen Family who in the legend known as the Cold One. However, when Bella found out the truth about the Cullen, she does not scare but fall in love with Edward. The story comes to an end when the hunter, James and his mate Victoria wanted to hunt Bella but kill by the Cullen. Victoria had escape.

After reading this novel, there’s only one part that I’m disappointed with that is the fight between Edward Cullen and James. Well, seem this is a love and romance novel, it is understood that the fight between them is not a necessary to be emphasis. Beside, seem the story is told from the point of view of Bella, the moment Edward arrives to save her, she is already unconscious and her head is burning so she did not see the fight like in the movie. However I personally feel that it will be more interesting and excited if the fight is being described.

In Kuching, you can get this book in most of the book store. If you want E-book, you can download it from net too.