Friday, October 24, 2008

BIG BOYZ TOYS @ 1 Borneo

Beside the Musical Firework Display I have posted on my previous post, there are also a car exhibition. This exhibition is from “BIG BOYZ TOYS”. “BIG BOYZ TOYS”, when we are kid, we use to play with all of those sport cars’s model. Now when we grown up, we no longer playing with those little model but drive a real car, but of course you need to afford to get one for yourself. Show all the cars in the exhibition are toys for grown up boys.





The main character for this car show will be this Ferrari. There are 4 pretty models stand beside the Ferrari for visitors to take photo. Anyway, as I had mention the main character is the Ferrari, so don’t get distracted ok?

As for two of these cars, I don’t know who the manufacturer is as I’m not so familiar with cars, so anyone who know please kindly leave your comment. Thanks.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Musical Firework Display At 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu

Yesterday,I went to watch a Musical Firework Display. This firework show was held at 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu Sabah and graced by TYT Tun Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Ahmadshah bin Abdullah. It is also the first time ever Musical Firework Display in Sabah.

The firework show start at 8.30p.m. but I went there few hours earlier. So I walked around 1 Borneo and took some pictures. Currently Sabah Inernational Expo, SIE 2008 is held in 1 Borneo. The picture below are partly of the SIE 2008.

This part of SIE are displaying all the housing project. All the house or condominium show here is luxury and high class.

Let me take this opportunity to show you the model of 1 Borneo Hyper mall. Later, I’m going to watch the firework show at the place where the red arrow pointed to.

There are red carpets at most of the main route. This was preparing for the arriver of TYT.

Well,10 minutes before 8.30p.m. I already went to the outside part of 1 Borneo to wait for the firework shows. I saw this Helicopter of 1 Borneo. I think this is the one that prepared for visitor to 1 Borneo that wanted to avoid traffic jam. I do mention this on my previous post of 1 Borneo but during that time I don’t have the picture of the helicopter.

As usual, the event did not start at 8.30p.m. because our dearest TYT was not here yet. So everybody is waiting for TYT while waiting for the firework show. I have taken some pictures of the front part of 1 Borneo.

There were lots of people here waiting for the Musical firework display.

The Novotel Hotel and The Mercure Hotel. The Tune hotel and The Best Courtyard Hotel is just on the right of The Mercure Hotel.

The main entrance to 1 Borneo Hyper mall is between the Novotel and the Mercure Hotel.

The traffic that night is perfectly under control. No traffic jam. There are also lots of people standing at the opposite road waiting for the firework show.

When TYT arrive, I quickly look for a strategic place for the firework show and here it begin…

The conclusion is that the place I took my shoot is not a strategic place. I should just go to the opposite road so that I can take down the whole firework show. Anyway, hope you enjoy the picture and video I took with my Kodak CX6330 which is a new camera model about 4 years ago.

When I thought that the Musical firework show come to an end, suddenly there were still some firework fired from the top of Mercure Hotel. I only manage to take one shot of it due to the slow loading of my camera.

A Musical Firework Display. Honestly say that I can see that the firework is following the rhythm of the music. Well, this might because I got no talent in music stuff. That’s why I just enjoy the firework just like during the eve of Chinese New Year.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

University's Facility

This is a picture taken during my lecture class. You can see that this is the white board which My University used. How can you aspect the student study well with this quality of facility? This picture took at the most front row in the tutorial room. So you can imagine how the student at the back going to read the notes on the white board. The white board that never white or cannot be clean is the main problem we are suffering. Wonder where the money of my university gone or they are not doing their job!
Now lets us look at the words on the board? Can you read it or do you face any difficulty to read it? Well, this is the writing of our lovely tutor. Although we also feel difficulty in reading her words but we never blame her because the way she write is not her fault. She is a foreigner from somewhere near France.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chronoswiss Watch That Attractted Me

Will you buy this watch? Yesterday when I pass by this shop, I’m attracted by this Chronoswiss’s watch. Chronoswiss is a brand found in Munich, Germany. From the outlook and brand, I knew that this watch is costly but never think that the price will as high as this.

This price is really over my imagination. This is already around the cost of two VIVA. What will be the weight when you are wearing this watch on your hand?

Friday, October 10, 2008

City Mall Shopping Complex

Before 1 Borneo is open, the newest shopping complex in Kota Kinabalu will be City Mall. If I’m not mistaken, this shopping complex is open at 2007 which is a year earlier than THE Spring in Kuching Sarawak.

This shopping complex is divided into the outdoor shop and also the indoor shop. Most of the food and drink shop is at the outdoor site.

The Olde Station Kopitiam

Veda Blu Ice-Cream.

Besides, you can also find Starbucks Coffee, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee and also White Coffee here.

The escalator connected the car park and the shopping mall just like The Spring.

The ground floor of City Mall. You may found that the area is not so big because half of the area is occupy by Giant Hypermarket. This shopping mall is divided into three sections which is the North City Walk, The South City Walk and the Central.

The 1st floor of City Mall.

The Halo Café is located outside the 1st floor. This café only open at night where you can listen to the song sung by their singer while enjoying their food and drinks.

Sushi King is also located outside the 1st floor.

The shop outside the 1st floor.

This is the 2nd floor of City Mall. The 2nd floor is only half the size of the 1st floor.

The food court in City Mall.

If you don’t want to take the escalator, you can use this round stone stairs.

Basically this is all the shop in City Mall. If you got a chance to come here, you might explore more than what you read from here.