Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mitsuoka (Nouera, Galue III, Le-Seyde, Classic Type F)

This is a Mitsuoka's car show. There are only 4 car displayed here which are Nouera, Galue III, Le-Seyde and Classic Type F.


Galue III


Take a look at this, Is that the spare tire are store here? Is the tube really connected to the engine or just a design for display?

Classic Type F

This Classic Type F really attract me lots because of the design and the size. Its small compare to the size of a normal car and cute. I wonder how it will be to drive a car of this size on the road.

After looking at them, which one you prefer to own if you are affordable to have one? Or do you prefer a classical car or a modern sports car? As for me, I prefer classical car more than a sport car.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Need For Speed Mc.Donald Drive-Tru Chanllege

What is the good news for last week? Certainly it is the decrease of petrol price in Malaysia.
Yeah, after knowing this news, I when to refill my empty tank on 23 August.
Guess what I see when I went to the nearest petrol station in my area.

Why are they waving the flag of Malaysia? Are they celebrating the decrease of the petrol price?

When I get a closer look, I found that beside the flag of Malaysia, they are also waving the flag of Mc Donald.

Well, it is not any pre National day celebration or for petrol price decrease but it is McD Need For Speed Drive Thru Challenge.

I think this can’t be seen in Kuching because from what I know until know Kuching’s Mc D does not have a Drive Thru Service. (Do correct me if there is).

Well, quite a number of car queuing for Drive Thru after refilling their car tank. Seem the decrease of petrol price is one of the factor than make this event success.

Still Remeber the scence above?The day before price increase, we queue for the final low price petrol. The day after the petrol price decrease, we queue for Mc Donald.

This is still the purpose i came here..255.0 sen/litre. Hope it will drop more..hehe.Should we cheer for goverment with this little gift from them?(I don't think so)

Monday, August 18, 2008

An Event that i had missed Out!!

Last week my university holds a function call “Food Carnival”. Yes, when you heard the name, for sure you will imagine that there lots of food you find there. But I have to tell you that you are wrong. The “Food Carnival” doesn’t have all kind of food in Sabah but only some Nasi Lemak, Nasi Campur and other local food that you can eat everywhere. So it totally no match with our “Kuching Festival”(miss kuching fest so much).

Due to the quality of the “Food Carnival”, I don’t even bother to go and take photo to show in my blog. But I have regret for what I have done because I miss something very interesting that I wanted to try so much. That is to experience playing counter-strike not by using computer but myself.

This is the game field,quite small but at least can play.

These are the equiment

The referee is telling them the rule and some safety step to prevent injury

The game is going to start and the one wearing the red shirt is my friend.

The short video below show how the game goes.

How I wish I’m the one who playing..zzzz..Furthermore all this are totally free of charge. Although the game field is really small but it is enough to experience the shooting game. When I was told that this is the game in the “Food Carnival” I just can’t believe I had miss it. I should go in and walk around the “Food Carnival” even though it didn’t look attractive.

Well, all these photos are provided by my friends that had visit the “Food Carnival”. Thanks to them that let me know I had missed out something interesting: (…

By the way, what is the name of this game?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Monitor Lizard in My Faculty's foyer!! (Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

Few days ago, there something unusual happened in my faculty’s foyer. What is that so unusual? Well, take a look at the video below.

Monitor Lizard At My Faculty's Foyer - Funny home videos are a click away

Yes, that is a monitor lizard or 四脚蛇 in mandarin. Do you think it is big? I don’t know how it came into the foyer but when I saw it, without a minute waste I quickly grabbed my friends handphone which it Nokia N95 to capture the video.

In the Video, you can see that the monitor lizard is terrify and finding its way out. Of course we got no intension to harm it so you can see that we are guiding it out. Hope it can find its way back home…haha!

Have you ever eat them?Well,i never and never think to do so!But i like snake meat..hehe!

p/s: The “we” got no intension to harm the lizard does not include the guy name Allan which throw the stone at the end of the video.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

The game I like to play is a well known game call Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA).Yes, I think everybody know this game. Even you didn’t play before, for sure you have heard before.

DOTA is a game or a map in War craft III. There are two teams which are Sentinel and Scourge. Each team can have maximum 5 players. There are total of 91 heroes and each hero got 4 skills. The base of each team is at the opposite side of each other. There are only 3 route leads which lead to the opponent base. The game is very simple, you only need to control a hero. You will level up and earn gold when you kill opponent creeps or heroes. The maximum level for each hero is level 25.The Goal for this game is to destroy “The Frozen Throne” of scourge(if you are a Sentinel) or destroy the “The World Tree” of Sentinel(If you are a Scourge).Who ever destroy the opponent “The Frozen Throne” or “The World Tree” will won the game.

Beyond Godlike is the highest rank for continually kill opponent heroes!

The game really seems to be simple but it is not when you are playing. You will need to earn gold and level up as fast as possible so that you can have good item to pawn your opponent. Teamwork is extremely important in playing DOTA. If you don’t have teamwork with your team mate, you will lose the game easily.

How nice if i can gold as fast as this.

Although the map only got 3 main route lead to the opponent base, but in between there are many side road for example forest where you can hide and hunt down your opponent with your team mate. There’s lots of strategy you can use in this simple map which make me like to play this game a lot. Beside your personal skill, strategy and team work is the most important factor to win the game.Believe me! You will like this game once you try it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Simple Magic Trick!

Few days ago i just know that one of my course mate, Elias know magic trick. Although the magic he do is not like what the famous magician have done, but I really feel impressive for what he can do. The trick really simple but you will need lots of practice so that you can do it very smoothly. For what my friend told me is that once you get use of the movement and hand trick, you can do other card magic easily because the concept is almost the same. Enjoy this magic trick,..drop your comment…you know how to do this?

This really just normal card!Just that he is too fast even with a camera catching all his movement.