Monday, June 30, 2008

Earn $$ With Buddypond

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Well, you may notice that the pay rate for each ads you view is very low,but the advantage of
Buddypond is that it is verify by Paypal. So you got no worry that it is a scam. Besides, the minimum cash out is quite low that is $5.00.

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Share your experience of Buddypond if you got any with me by leaving your comment.Thanks.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Padawan Festival 2008

Yesterday was the first day of Padawan Festival of Kuching. It is held at the MJC New Town Ship Batu Kawa. Here, you can get to eat the local food at one point. There are also car exhibition and a mini fun fair. This year, I found that the varieties of local food are very few. The car exhibition also only fills a small corner of the whole area.

As for the fun fair, it certainly not like what you can see in GENTING HIGHLAND, but the fun and enjoyment is still there if you try to enjoy it.

This 'Bang Bang Car' is the most popular among all the above.

Besides, there are still games where you can win prizes easily.

Very clear that you roll down a ping pong ball and stop in the hole with red square to win prize

Open the egg!!

Throw the dart to hit the green square mark for Cash.Two darts in one green square consider as one dart.So you have to hit all 9 squares to get RM200.00

The kid is being reward for his fishing skill!

Among all those games, the one I like the most is this.

There are 8 colors for you to bet, after you place your bet, all the 8 balls which represent each color will be release and roll freely down to the bottom of the board. The first color ball that rolls into the hole at the bottom of the board is the color that will win the bet.

Balls are rolling down the board heading to the hole at the bottom.

So what we bet for…certainly not money. This is just a game, so we bet with carbonated drinks where one tin of drink cost RM1 and will get 6 tin in return if we win the bet. We can win easily if the luck is on our side, but mostly we won’t bother to bring back all those drink, so for me I’ll keep playing and in the end…I win nothing but enjoyment.

This is what i win at the beginning.Lost all in the end!

Anyway, yesterday I wasn’t going back with empty hand. I did win a prize. Here it is. I won this prize from this game.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just A Little Dissatisfaction

Yesterday I got my chance to step in one of the well known hotel in Kuching, Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel. It is located in the centre of business and entertainment district of Kuching and it takes around 25 minutes to the Kuching International Airport. Well, mostly depend on how fast you drive. The lobby of the hotel is very nice and well decorated. It has a very nice swimming pool which located at the fourth floor. Not to mention that the stunning view u can enjoy seem it is just opposite of Waterfront Kuching.

The view of Waterfront and the DUN Sarawak that under construction from hotel's room

Well, I’m not going to right any review to intro this hotel because there are tons of website that already got the review. Besides, I don’t think that I can write a better review than other. I just want to share one of my unsatisfied on this hotel. It is the Cardio room that I want to talk about. Take a look at the picture below.

From the picture, the Cardio room looks nice right? But, the equipment inside the room does not seem to be as good as what you imagine from the picture. Among the five exercise machine, there’s only one treadmill that still in good condition. Others not totally spoil but about 50% spoiled or even more than that.

Look at the old exercise bicycle. There’s problem with the meter because you can easily get the speed of 80km/h even you cycle slowly. Besides, you cannot change the resistance level because the tuner already spoils.

The same thing goes to the Elliptical Exercise Machine. The video below show the tuner of the resistance level of the Elliptical Exercise Machine which already loose.

Loose Tuner - Click here for more home videos

This happen in the hotel maybe because the cardio room was seldom use by the guest. That is why no maintenance is provided. I feel that for any hotels, the facilities provided should be always in 100% good condition no matter how often their guests use it. This is to make sure that all the guests are 100% satisfy and feel that what they pay is worth for what they get.

You don’t get 0% for your essay by making one spelling or grammar mistake. So, overall Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel is still one of your best choices to stay if you visit Kuching. Hope they will do maintenance for the Cardio room as soon as possible.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Journalists Boycotting Parliament's Event

The Heandline printed with black ink and the cameras of journalists on the floor in Dewan Parlimen.

This morning when I read the newspaper, I noticed that the headline of the newspaper is in black. This will only happen when there is VVVIP in our country pass away or there are terrible visitation of providence happen that cause huge amount of dead. Fortunately none of those happen. What is really going on to the headline? Is it an error printing?

Well, there is no error in this headline. The headline printed in black is for mourning the dead of freedom of Media in Malaysia. “Where’s our freedom go?” For sure this is what our Malaysia’s journalists will ask.

This happened yesterday in Dewan Parlimen Malaysia where all the journalists were being deny entering the main part of the lobby and only allowed access to a small corner of the area. This has once again created the new record not only in Malaysia but all over the world and proved the slogan of “ ‘We’ can” to be the 1st ever country that deny journalists to enter the main part of the Parliament’s lobby.This was done to increase the effectiveness of security system in Dewan Parlimen Malaysia.So does the Malaysia’s journalists been treated as terrorist? As a sign of protest, most of the journalists boycotting the even held in the main lobby.

Personally I have no comment on this incident because me too, scare of lost my freedom(jail).Although my blog doesn’t have a high traffic but the risk is still there.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flying Kite

Above is a 130-meter and 12 kilograms kite in the shape of the Great Wall. The kite was designed and made by Zhang Tianwei, a master in kite designing. It took him three years time to complete this giant kite. Look carefully, the kite had a portrait of Qin Shihuang leading the head position, followed by a more-than-100-meter micro great wall. This kite needs 10 people to fly it. I wonder how there fly a kite with such a weight. Anyway, the kite was still successfully flown on top the sky of Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shannxi.

Well, I really don’t know how to fly a kite which needs the contribution of 10 people but last week I finally got my first time to fly a kite. It might be quite embarrass to said so but it is true that it’s my first time. During my childhood I never play with a kite before partly because the housing area where I stay doesn’t suitable to fly a kite. So all this time I have the desire to fly a kite and it finally comes true. Yeah!

See how high it flew, actually there are picture of my kite which flew higher than this but I didn’t show it because the kite can’t be seen in the picture due to the height and the quality of camera.I think you have to enlarge the picture above if you really want to see the kite where I have circled. The enjoyment of flying a kite is not less than playing a remote control mini helicopter or hitting keyboard at home for DOTA (Defense Of The Ancient).

I enjoy so much flying a kite with a nice surrounding, at the beach of Sematan. Thanks god that the wind was on my side that day so even I’m just a beginner but the kite just flew to the sky easily. Look at the picture below, I don’t even need any skill but my cute keroro’s kite just flew in the mid air without falling.

Here is Sematan. A very small town where there only have few rows of shop and a wet market. The beach here is known to be very beautiful in Sarawak but unfortunately I can’t get a nice shot because the time I was there isn’t correct. The tide was on the ebb so the beach seem like dying.. Haha… Sematan is about 115KM from my house, the total journey is about 230KM.So it cost me about RM50 of petrol. Below are few pictures I took at Sematan.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I use this cruise to go Labuan from Jesselton Point at Kota Kinabalu.It take about 4 hours to arrive in Labuan.

Labuan Square or Dataran Labuan is situated at the centre of Labuan town. It is a popular venue for the island's main events and performances.

A Labuan Island in the small pool at Labuan Square. Step on it…just like a giant on the island.

This is the Financial Park of Labuan. There are Service Apartment and shopping complex. If you want to buy chocolate, I’ll recommend you to buy here. This picture is taken from Labuan Square.

Clock tower near the Marine Museum.

Labuan International Sea Sport Complex houses the main sea sports centre, marine museum, souvenir shops, seafood restaurant and a tourist information centre.

World War II Memorial is one of the most visited places in Labuan. The landscaped of memorial garden is very beautiful.It is the resting place of 3,908 war heroes who died in battle during the Second World War. Every year in November a “Remembrance Day” is held to honour the lives of the valiant men who fought during the war.

This is the famous Chimney located on a rise at Tanjung Kubong.It is 106 feet high red brick stack believed to be linked to the coal mining days of Labuan. The Chimney was made from more than 23,000 pieces of red bricks.The Chimney was build according to British style.

Just right beside the Chimney there is a small museum about the history of chimney. Inside the museum there is a artificial mine cave. This are the Wax statue of people mining in the cave.It looks so real.

Here comes again my university compound in Labuan. For your information University Malaysia Sabah got two campus where the main campus is in Kota Kinabalu and the branch campus is situated in Labuan. The campus in Labuan is much more smaller than the main campus.Both campus got a very nice sea view.The one I show on my other post is the main campus in Kota Kinabalu.

A five youngsters’ trip to Labuan. See what we bought. Of course it is nothing more than wine and chocolate because they are duty free. There are still some other interesting places to visit in Labuan such as the bird park. I can’t get to visit all of it because my schedule was quite pack.

As a conclusion, the town in Labuan is very small, if you just want to walk around the town, you will not need any transport unless you want to visit places like Chimney, World War II Memorial, Bird park.. etc.

Next time if any of you get to visit Labuan, for accommodation, I’ll recommend to stay at Sara Hotel. It is a boutique hotel and the room is worth for the price. The location is very strategic, about 10 minutes walk to jetty and also a 10minutes walk to the financial park. But if you go in a big group, I’ll advise you to stay at Beta which is a service apartment in financial park.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proton's Challenger

New Honda FCX Clarity is going to make Honda to lead the whole. This is because FCX Clarity no longer needs petrol as fuel. It is the first dedicated platform hydrogen fuel cell vehicles which mean that it is power up by hydrogen. The fuel cell stack in the FCX Clarity converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. A car that doesn’t need petrol? How fast can it go by using only hydrogen? Well, the speed is not to worry because FCX Clarity can go up to 160KM per hour and one full tank of hydrogen allow you to go as far as 270 miles or equivalent to 437.5KM.Besides,FCX Clarity is a zero pollution vehicle because it only emit water vapor. This is just a brief specification of FCX Clarity.
In this high petrol price era, it is good news to hear that there are vehicle that doesn’t need petrol as fuel on the road. But how much will this car cost? Will this vehicle being commercialize so that even lower class of family can have it? Certainly this will come true just the matter of time, hope won’t take up to 10 years. Anyway a vehicle without needing expensive petrol and produce zero pollution is really what the world need not just to save our expenses but also to save the Earth.


After reading the news of FCX Clarity, I feel that this will be a tough challenge for our national product, PROTON. As we all know that Proton just start to gain profit from New Saga, if FCX Clarity being commercialize, will our government let this new challenger enter our country? Even though they will but for sure that our lovely minister or government officer will come out with some brilliant idea such as increasing the car tax and the road tax for vehicles using hydrogen fuel. This is done with the name of “protecting national product” and to create a “fair compete stage” for Proton. As a result we will still drive a petrol fuel car unless Proton got its own product which use hydrogen as fuel.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My University

In this post I’m going to show the University where I study now, University Malaysia Sabah,one of the local University in Malaysia. It is about 20 minutes drive from Kotakinabalu’s town. Below are few pictures I have taken, just part of my university compound.

This is Cancelory where all the VIP office and university'sExecutive department Located.

Cancelor Hall,big and beatiful hall

Dewan Kuliah Pusat (DKP)

Sea view taken form DKP

Place to fill up wallet,Bank

Sea view taken from cafeteria

From few picture above, you can see that My university has a nice view and environment, I like the sea view the most where I often spend my time dreaming and enjoying the sea view at the cafeteria near by. Just like what Falcon wrote in his bog bout a non famous blogger but of course I didn’t dream things bout Dawn Yang, hehe..

During my first semester, I have a very ‘busy’ life. I wasn’t busy bout my study but applying a place to stay where I feel comfortable. Yes, this is true because the hostel provided for me is terrible. This hostel is being name Indah Permai( I can’t see which part of it is Indah) which is a housing area outside my university campus. It located about 14KM from my university. Even though there are buses provided but it is still very inconvenient to stay there because the bus driver doesn’t follow their schedule. Besides some of the house are badly damage. The room I’m staying is still ok just that the ceiling will leak during heavy rain. So when heavy rain come, I have to hug a pail while I’m sleeping because the leaking part is just right on top of my bed and the bed cannot be moved. The toilet in my hostel cannot flush and I already make report but no one coming to repair. Not to mention the terrible water conveying system which always out of service.

This is the house i'm staying,4 rooms,3 double room and 1 single room

Living room modify to study room

Need to watch your step while walking on this stair

After two months of work for writing application letters to each person in charge of the hostel inside the campus, meeting them to tell and show them how pity I am, finally I have given permission to move into one of the hostel inside the campus. Although I already get used to the environment in Indah Permai but I still decided to move in because the new hostel only 5 minutes away from my faculty and the buses provided inside the campus is more convenient.

Part of the hostel inside the campus
Here are the hostel i applied
Mount kinabalu can be seen from here but only can see during early morning