Thursday, March 12, 2009

Produce An Electronic Dog Collar

It has been quite some time I didn’t update my blog. This is because I’m busying with my 3rd year project. Before I go to my project, I have to make myself clear that I’m a dog lover. Yes! I like dog although I never have one. Dogs are human best friend which I believe this is quite true. Dog behave well when they are being train well. So how will you train your dog?

My project is not a high technology project like what you imagine, after all I’m study in Malaysia Local University which seldom does research or never do research on future technology. It is just a project that required me to make an electronic dog collar. Nowadays, you can get this type of electronic dog training collar on the net easily, so what I can do is already in the market. Besides, I’m not the kind of high ambitious person that wanted to “conquer the world”. So I want to do is just an ordinary and stable electronic dog collar that can give an amount of shock to the dog for training purpose.

However due to the limitation of knowledge, I still face lots of problem in doing this ordinary electronic dog collar. 1st is how to produce a stable amount of voltage? Till now, I still can stable down the voltage produce by the collar. 2nd is how can I produce different level of stable shock? 3rd is the problem of power source because by stepping up a small voltage to a very high voltage, the power source drain very fast. 4th is will my wireless remote control stable???

If all the above problems cannot be solve, the collar I produce will got no market value at all and all the time I use on it will be wasted. Still got around 1 month to go and hope that will have a HAPPY ENDING for this semester. Wish me luck!!

Will my product look as good as the picture below??? Lets wait and see!!