Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fishing Competiton In UMS

Yesterday there was a fishing competition held in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. This competition was organized by the student from business faculty and the venue is at the ODEC of the university which is our university own jetty. Fishing is one of the famous activities done my people in Kota Kinabalu. When you drive along the way at the sea side of Kota Kinabalu, you can see people fishing. The competition opens for all people who is interested in fishing. The competition started at 8.00a.m and end at 12.45p.m. The winner will be selected base on the weight of their catch. Whoever that catch the heavier fish will be the champion. Champion will be given RM500 cash money.

There are quite a lot of people taking part in this competition. However, from what my friend told me, the number of participator for this year is less compared to the previous year. Well, I’m not taking part in this competition because I don’t know how to fish. I went there just to support my friend and see how people fishing. The weather on that day is so nice. I feel that it will be very relaxing to fish at such environment.

While fishing, participator can also enjoy the view of the ocean. Kota Kinabalu town can be seen clearly here. Due to the quality of my camera, you can see it clearly from the picture.

The moment I arrive at ODEC, my friend Allan already got a few catch. However, the heavier catch he got is only 170g which is still far away to be champion.

I don’t know what name is this fish call but it really looks scary to me. I look like belong to the grouper’s family. They said that it is poison, is it true?

Below is the fish caught by one of the participator which it is clearly seen that is catch certainly heavier than what my friend got. It is aroung 200g-250g.

What unusual thing happen is that besides catching fish, one of the participator hooks up a crab. I don’t know whether crab consider as fish or not but this crab certainly got some weight.

My friend doesn’t have any luck that day to allow him to get the champion. The heaviest catch in this competition is only about 400g. It really doesn’t sound like a big fish. I don’t know who the winner is so I can’t manage to get a snap on his fish before I leave.

After watching this competition, I really do have the feeling to try with this activity. There are really lots of knowledge can be learn in fishing. What stop my way is that this is not a cheap hobby because all the tool needed is quite expensive if I want to get a quality one. Well, hope my blog can earn me a fishing rod as soon as possible.


sabahking said...

It feels nice when see those people fishing !! especially some people get the crab !! very fun !!

Borneo Falcon said...

Are those fishes edible?

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

if got big sea fish.. can big many big and weird fish..i ever see my dad fren show video to us.. and need to take near hour or long time to take back the line.. some still use motor to take back line one.. geng ..

TNH said...

That must rent a boat out to the deeper place to catch such fish..

Anonymous said...

wow.. what a good scene there... WOW WOW>.. i need to find a day to visit KK , beautiful!!