Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer

The fourth book for Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer is Breaking Dawn. This is also the last book for twilight series because the fifth book, Midnightsun is only repeating the first book but from the point of view of Edward Cullen. In this book, Bella marry to Edward and they went for a honeymoon. Unexpectedly, Bella pregnant and this is not a normal baby. It is a baby of half human and half vampire.

They return to folk and Dr Cullen lie to Charlie that Bella caught a serious disease where no visitor is allowed. Jacob Black thought that Bella already dead and wanted to revenge for her. He when to the house of the Cullen and finally found that she is alive and still human but pregnant. The baby grew fast in her body and feed on blood. The membrane cover the baby is as hard as the vampire skin which makes all of them believe that the baby will tear out from Bella stomach and bring her to die. Edward worry that Bella will die after give birth to the baby, he wanted to stop her but Bella insist to give birth the baby and look for Rosalie help.

Finally the baby is born. Bella almost dead at the moment however Edward manage to change her into vampire in time. Now, Bella have her new life as Vampire and own a half human half vampire baby Renesmee. Irina a vampire from the Tanya though that the baby is a vampire baby and reported this to the Volturi. Having a vampire baby is violating the rule of the vampire world. The Volturi come to Folk for the justice. For the Volturi, they wanted to use this chance to eliminate the Cullen family and Aro wants Alice’s talent so much. The Cullen ask their friend from all over the world to be their witness that the baby girl is not a vampire child but a half human and half vamoire child. All their friends gather in Folk and agree to become witness after the see Renesmee.

The Volturi had come to Folk, the Cullen prove to the Volturi that they did not violate the vampire rule. However, the Volturi which to eliminate the Cullen so much that they try to find an excuse to take action. While the three ancient discussing their decision, their follower, the twin witches, Jane and Alec attack the Cullen with their talent. However, it is stop by Bella Shield. The Volturi finally retreat when they know they got no chance to win the fight with Bella shield. Bella, Edward, Renesmee and the other entire member live happily ever after.

After reading this, I feel a bit disappointed again because the Volturi had not been defeated and eliminate although we already know they are. I really wish so much to see all the Volturi guard being killed. Throughout the story, Emmett is known as the strongest among the Cullen but the book never talk about his fight to show that how strong he is. Overall, this is really a great Novel and worth for a read.

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