Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament 2008

SMM Grand National Dota Tournament 2008 in Sabah had just passed last week. Recently my post always out of date due to the bad connection and also I’m busy with my course work. Anyway for those who know nothing about this tournament, you can still read some of it here.

This tournament is held all over Malaysia and open for all Malaysian’s Dota lover. The winner from each state will represent their state to compete with the winner from other state. For those who don’t know what is Dota, it’s really hard for me to explain but I can tell you that this is a simple computer game which can bring you lots of fun. The poster above showing some detail for the tournament. So you can enlarge it if you are interested.

The Tournament in Sabah is held in Cyber X which is a cyber café located in Damai, Kota Kinabalu.Below are some of the picture I took.

The cyber café is crowded with competitor and also supporter. Everyone is trying their best to win the game.

This is the first time I when to see Dota Tournament outside my University. I didn’t take part in it but just go to be supporter for my University Team call “I’m not Clan” .This team is our University Champion and they are going for this Tournament.

He is the manager of “I’m not Clan” and also my lovely course mate.

Here are the players in “I’m not Clan”. This picture is taken during their 1st match. They won this match easily. Well, “I’m not Clan” manage to go until semi final. The winner for this Tournament is a Team from Tawau “VZP” which got a very good skill and team work. Congratulation to them. As for my University team, they really did a good job.

After watching their first match, I went to walk around Cyber X and took some of this picture.

Cyber X is really big, the part I show in the above picture is for the tournament. The part showing in the picture below is for public gamer. The environment here is very comfortable.

Here are some of the Dota Character’s collections. This is only for display. Sorry for the reflection.

The Tournament is really excited and every team got a very good skill. After watching some match, I found that there are still lots of strategy can be used which I never thought of. Learn lots from this tournament about Dota.

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