Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trip To Mount Kinabalu Sabah

On past Saturday, I finally took my step to challenge the highest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu (4095.2m). Well, although it is a fun and full of enjoyment during the trip, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t fully conquer Mount Kinabalu which only conquers about 95% of it due to bad weather.

During the 1st day of this trip, we arrive at Mesilau Resort arount 7:00p.m. The moment we arrive at Mesilau, the weather was so bad and cold so we need to wear our jacket. However, this does not affect the happiness and excitement of us that wanted to conquer Mount Kinabalu so much.

Some pictures took in Mesilau Resort.

We waited at the Mesilau CafĂ© for the lunch that they prepare for us to bring along. While waiting, I order a plate of “nasi goring pattaya” as my breakfast which cost me RM15.00. Although it is expensive but a plate of rice is what I need to provide me energy for this challenge.

The Cook is preparing our lunch set

Nasi Goreng Pattaya

Then the Mountain guides gather us for a brief talk about the expedition and the route we going to take. On the 1st day, we start at the Mesilau Gate and rest at Gunting Lagadan Hut(about 3323.5m). The total length of the route is about 7.5KM.

Map of the route we going to take.

The mountain guide advice us to use portal to send our back pack up to Gunting Lagadan Hut seem most of us are first time here. The cost for the portal is RM9.00 per Kg. I did use the portal service and my back pack was about 7Kg which mean it cost me RM63.00 to send it up to Gunting Lagadan Hut and back to Timpohon Gate. Although it sound expensive but it do worth to save my energy for this expedition and I feel no regret to pay for the portal. Besides, the mountain guides also advice us to use “tongkat” which cost RM5.00 for a “tongkat”.

Before we start to hiking, my friend Allan Tam show his smile and victory act which turn to tired face when arrive at Gunting Lagadan Hut.

On the way up to Gunting Lagadan Hut, the view is really nice. There is a long waterfall which you can see clearly from the picture below. After a few hours walk, I came to a waterfall where I think should be the same one.

Here are some pictures of the path way I need to go through before I reach Gunting Lagadan. It is not as easy as I though and my tiredness making me to take less photo. I’m so tired that I got no mood or even energy to take out my camera to take photo. All I think in my mind is that I want to reach the rest house as quick as possible to take a good rest.

My friend Lennon who carrying two back packs with him still able to show his charming smile.

However, the portal guide does not seem tired at all even though they are carrying our back pack. I really feel impressive with their stamina. From the picture below, you notice that our portal guide is just teenagers but their stamina is much better than adult. In the picture, they are not resting but they are force to rest because we need to rest. So they need to wait for us to move.

Below are some of the pictures I took before I reach Gunting Lagadan Hut.

I took about 8 hours to reach Gunting Lagadan Hut. The moment I reach the rest house, I’m wet due to the bad weather. It was 9.80C at the rest house. Well, I took my buffet dinner at Laban Rata before I go to Gunting Lagadan Hut. I’m force to take the buffet dinner although I’m wet because to go to Gunting Lagadan Hut, I still need to walk for another 10 minutes. The buffet dinner is delicious.

After I took my dinner, I went to Gunting Lagadan Hut. The room in the hut is not big. Each room is provided for 4 people. Although there is not heater in the room, but I can still feel that it is warmer than outside. I slept quite early that night so that I have enough energy for the next day.This is how the inside of the hut look like.


I wake up at 1a.m. on the next day to prepare myself to climb to the low’s peak. After taking breakfast, we depart from our rest house around 2.30a.m. to the Low’s Peak of Mount Kinabalu. It is very dark outside so we need to use head lamp or touch light to light up the route. We need to walk a 600m stairs then climb with the rope for 2KM to reach the Low’s Peak. Before I come to the Low’s Peak, I had reach a check point where we will get our certificate once we pass the check point.

When I’m about 100m to 200m away from the Low’s Peak, it started to rain and the mist getting thicker and thicker until I hardly see. It is around 5:00a.m and I have made my decision to turn back because I worried that the rain will get heavy. Besides, the mountain guides also advise us to turn back. However, after a 20 to 30 minutes walking down the mountain, the rain stop. At that moment, I do think to continue going up to Low’s Peak but my body don’t allowed me to do so. Again, I’m wet and cold. To make myself less regret for not continue to the Low’s Peak, I took some photo of the view near the Low’s Peak.

The moment I reach the rest house, it’s already 8:30p.m. I quickly pack up my thing and take buffet breakfast at Raban Rata. Before we leave Raban Rata, we took so photo here too.

The route down to Timpohon Gate is about 6KM. I reach Timpohon Gate around 3.30p.m. then we take our buffet dinner before going back to Kota Kinabalu. This trip is really interesting and challenging. After challenge the highest mountain in Malaysia, what I want to share with my reader is that mentally fit is more important than physically fit. Never think that you are tired and believe that you can reach the Low’s Peak. Although that day the weather was not on my side, but I’m still glad to conquer 95% of Mount Kinabalu. Here are the certificates I got as prove of climbing Mount Kinabalu.

The Slogan of Mount Kinabalu, " Take Nothing But Photographs. Leave Nothing But Footprints." Yes!!, I have take lots of photos and leaves lots of footprints. Besides, I also leave plenty of sweat there. There's no doubt that I enjoy this trip so much.


Borneo Falcon said...

An expensive climb but the experience should worth more than that.

Joe said...

I am admit, is an expensive climb but with great memories. How much did u pay for your package? I'm intending to go in Feb, hopefully it will nt rain =)

maslight said...

I'm owez there at the waterfall not the peak! Uh oh, 1st shot kena air ka? XD

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

oh nice experience~ still so tenaga go climb mountain.. lihai

not bad le.. got cert one.. working interview can show off haha..

stick also count money.. they know earn well also, got bring it home?

sabahking said...

it is really a fun trip... although it is hard to climb. and the weather is very cold and still rain but we still can do it...

TNH said...

The pakage is RM299 include meal.

Tita Beng said...

Wonderful scenery! Quite an experience of a lifetime. This is one treasurable experience for you!

Allison said...

hi hi.. im so glad to read about your climb. i'll be going in July and i'll be staying at Gunting Lagadan too. Is it very cold up there? Any advise on what to bring and the do's and don'ts? 1st time climbing also..hehe

Allison said...

oh and any recommended agent? the agents we got are all pretty expensive

TNH said...

Allison---> I got no recommended agent because my friend organised this trip and i didn't have any information about the agent.The agent we got is expensive too.

Seem you go at july, i think it won't be that cold. During my climb it raining all the way up so it is very cold. But i think you can prepare for extra socks just in case it rain.

Other climbing equipment like hand glove, touch light, headlight and some energy bar..that's all i think

It is not hard to get to top, just need to be mentally strong.

uRs 'LoNe said...

Halo.... first of all, congrats coz succeeding in climbing Mt.Kinabalu.
I just wanna ask something, is there electricity in the rest house?

I will be going to that trip tomorrow, 2 days 1 night....

Your post is interesting and makes me eager to go to the trip, although it cost much =)

TNH said...

Yes,there is electricity and also gas for boil water...