Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bug in Dota 6.59b invisible frog

The invisible frogs in 6.59b, I wonder how many people have already try it when playing online in GG or in cyber. This bug can help you earn extra fast money. So there is no problem of winning the game. However, this map already out dated seem now there’s already have 6.59d. I wonder how many of you have played game with bug but you do not know they are exist? I still remember that I meet this situation once, the bug was on the syllabear where it can earn extra item by killing the bear. I played on GG and the opponent team got a syllabear. Of course I don’t know there is bug so for me, I still though that the person really pro because he earn fast although he had been slay for a few times. As a result we lost the game due to the extra fat syllabear. When look back the replay… then I know what is really happen. Anyway that just a game, so lost or win does not bring any meaning. Just feel a bit dissatisfaction of losing in that way.

One more subject to go before my final exam end, can’t wait till that day!!

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

u ever meet even more smelly hack or not.. got one time i play in gg, they use lion, lvl 1 nia.. one stun direct die.. puki one..