Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jabatan KerJa Raya Kuching

Jabatan Kerja Raya Kuching (JKR) is not a place new to me. The Picture above show the JKR Kuching division office which located at Batu Lintang Kuchig, There lots of department here and now I’m having my industry training in the electrical department. As we all know that most of the government projects are out source to other private company, hence there’s nothing much for me to do or even to learn in this department. My 1st week in JKR has just pass and my life in JKR is totally free plus boring but I did not regret about the decision to do training here because it is in Kuching and near my house. That is the priority I’m looking for when I choose my training place. I receive the accept letter from Nexus Resort Karambunai in Kota Kinabalu but I wanted to came back to Kuching more than in Kota Kinabalu. There are still 8 week for me here and I believe that no matter how there will still have something for me to do and learn in JKR.

This is just the division office in Kuching. The head quarter of JKR is in Wisma Saberkas which I will have my training there on my 5th or 6th week. The division office is not big. Pictures below show the area of the division office.

This place is not new to me even though this is the first time I having my Training here. Why I said so? This is because when I’m still in form 2 and form 3, I used to come here once or twice or few times a week. During that time, the JKR basketball court is still open to public. Hence I used to come here with my friend. The condition of the basketball court here is well maintained compare to the public basketball court.

The other reason we choose to come here is that my friend, Crazyfool 's house is just next to the basketball court which is the main reason we come here. Let me zooms the picture so that the house can be view clearly. Do you notice there’s only a fence as the border of the house and the basketball court? During that time, the fence was not in this good condition, so we use to climb over the fence to the basketball court. Those times were really fun. However when JKR stop the public for using the basketball court, they rebuild the fence. Starting from that day, we did not go to that basketball court anymore. Furthermore, we seldom play basketball because there is a new activity that we had attracted to, COUNTER STRIKE. Hence, starting from that day, we spend more time in cyber cafĂ© than playing basketball.

Times really pass fast and those times are only memories for us. Really miss those times.


sabahking said...

no bad lah u training at there !! still get the time to take photo and blog !!

Borneo Falcon said...

I "retired" from playing counter strike many years ago :)

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahahaha.. swt la.. go there practical also no say.. got time go play again.. haha.. sometime still got outsider go play le.. erm.. really lama no play there liao.. miss it.. kacau the net with rubbish.. lol hahaa