Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu Sabah

1 Borneo! Have you ever heard this name? If not, never mind because I’m going to tell you what it is. 1 Borneo is the latest and the largest shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu or I can tell you that it is the largest in East Malaysia. Besides shopping mall, there are four hotels which is Tune Hotels, Novotel 1 Borneo, Mercure Hotel Kota Kinabalu and Best Western Courtyard Hotel. There is also Condominium build at the back of the shopping mall known as “Supercondo” .Look at the picture below.

Not 100% done yet.The behind part where still under construction is the Supercondo
Since my 1st year in University Malaysia Sabah, 1 Borneo is already under construction and today although not 100% done but the shopping mall is already open. I already visited once and it will be a new place for us student to look for entertainment. Furthermore it is located in front of my University. It is about 5KM from my University’s main gate and public buses are provided form my University to 1 Borneo.

There are 4 levels in this shopping mall. Ground floor is mainly for restaurant and Giant Hypermarket. Inside the mall, you can see all kind of shop selling various types of things. Well, I won’t introduce all the shop but there are few shops that I would like to show in my blog although they didn’t pay me for advertising them.

Bee Cheng Hiang 美珍香. Ok, what so special about this shop? There is nothing special actually, just that we always heard this name in most of the Singapore Jack Neo’s Movie. So, for me Bee Cheng Hiang should be the most famous shop selling “Bak Gua” in Singapore and what we have in 1 Borneo is the first branch in East Malaysia.(Don’t know how many branch in West Malaysia).For sure I’ll bought some back during coming Chinese New Year.

This shop “Crocs” with a crocodile symbol is selling footwear that not only for us human but also for giant. Look at the picture below, see the giant size footwear.

The only part that makes 1Borneo different from other shopping mall (beside KLCC Aquaria) is that it going to have a water a SEA WORLD. Yes, its going to have meant now haven got. Now you can just see the painting of the poster.

1 Borneo Handicraft and Cultural Centre is decorated like a cave in the jungle.

During my first visit, after survey all the restaurant in the 1 Borneo, finally I decide to take my dinner at “Chicken rice shop”. Why? Of course the first reason is budget. But what attracted me is that they are having a contest for celebrating their 50th outlet. To get the chance to win prizes, I took my dinner here.

Below are some picture I took in 1 Borneo Shopping Mall.

This picture took at one the very end of level floor

Second branch of Golden Screen Cinemas in Kota Kinabalu

Map of level 1


Borneo Falcon said...

Never been to 1 Borneo. Feeling like going there now

shii teck said...

how's life in kk??

iamthewitch said...

Wah another new mall! Next time will you bring me there when I visit KK? :))

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

wah quite big le.. unlike the stupid ass spring and boulevard in kuching.. damn...

eunice said...

wow, big shopping mall!

Oh, just for sharing, in Singapore, the more famous "Bak Gua" is from the brand called "Lin Zhi Yuan". The shop surely very very very long queue during Chinese New Year. "Bee Cheng Hiang" is popular to tourists, 'cos it has many outlets all over Singapore, even in Malaysia like where you mentioned. :D

Thanks for sharing!


Titan said...

What you study in Sabah?

KK is more popular that Kuching.
KK is near to the sea. It is a good to have a rest.

There is a good hotel over there... ar.. i forget the name. You should go there to take some photos. it sounds like "putera" or "habour"... forget liao...

But, you should know that there are 3 popular things over there.
1. The MOST petrol producer.
2. The MOST Palm Oil producer.
3. The MOST Philipine people there.

Take care.

ashley said...

hi, im a foreigner going to kk next week, where can i find shops that sell plus size clothes(im a girl, size 18) in kk, 1borneo, centrepoint, or anywhere in kk. i would love to rcv some feedback.. thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

yo ashley...you can check out Emporium depatmental store in the heart of KK...just in front of hyatt hotel...i saw plus size clothing thre...but dunno if got for girls tho...cheers!

TNH said...

Sorry ashley for the late reply..Yes,Emporium do sell plus size clott. You can go and have a try there.

YouMe said...

Cool...KK has changed so much since I last visited almost 15 years ago. Will be visiting KK coming weekend. 1Borneo will be my first stop. Any recommendation for the islands? I am looking for a place to try jetski.

sheryl said...

gembira keran mempunyai kompleks membeli-belah terbesar di sabah!!!