Saturday, July 12, 2008

Few ways to go to 1 Borneo

On my previous post, I already introduce 1 Borneo to all of you although it is just a very brief introduction. Now I’m going to tell you how you can go to one 1 Borneo. There are few ways you can use to go to 1 Borneo

The first way which is the most budget way is you can go on foot. Yes, no matter how far it is, if you willing to go by foot, you can make it..hehe…If you stay at the hotel nearby, certainly you will go on foot.

Next of course is you can drive to 1 Borneo with your own car or you can rent a car. No worry for the parking because there are plenty of place. Now there still free parking but I think few more weeks later they will collect parking fees.

Taxi service is also one of your choices. Before the fuel price increase, from Kota Kinabalu town Area to 1 Borneo should be around RM30.Now might until RM50?

Besides that, there is also shuttle bus provided running at the major point in Kota Kinabalu to 1 Borneo. Public bus is also provided but the schedule of public bus is an unknown.

This isn't the real Hovercraft that 1 Borneo going to use.It just a picture a post for those who don't know what is a hovercraft.The Hovercraft that 1 Borneo going to use will be much more larger than this.

The most special transportation that provided to 1 Borneo will be this, Hovercraft. Now this transportation haven starts yet so I don’t know what the route it takes is. Certainly it will take you to 1 Borneo from Kota Kinabalu town. I notice that there are no river or sea around 1 Borneo which mean that the Hovercraft will need to drive up the land at the mid way to 1 Borneo (this is what I think, the real route still remain unknown).When it start, I’ll certainly go and have a try if the transportation fee is affordable. This will be a new experience.

No traffic jam,Good view = Enjoy

If you want to be fast and avoid traffic jam, helicopter will be your best choice to go to 1 Borneo. Besides, you can also enjoy the nice view of Kota Kinabalu from the sky.

Among all these,which is the way that you prefer to use when you visit 1 Borneo?


Borneo Falcon said...

Is the shuttle bus free?

Titan said...

mmm helicopter ... not good la..
Very hot,noise and dangerous! i rather take bus compare to helicopter.

Maybe you can use Fokker... better right... if there are some place to land.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

sound weird use hovercraft le.. might as well as use underground train lah.. hahhaa.. wait 100 years more

TNH said...

the hovercraft is going to start.They already order for it,now is just a matter of time when they start to use..i think it won't take more than half year.

TNH said...

there nothing is free,especially for now.

ZARA said...

I never have the chance to go there yet - I just my parent will let me go there - as a graduation prize for next year. *laugh*

Its really interesting TNH...