Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

The game I like to play is a well known game call Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA).Yes, I think everybody know this game. Even you didn’t play before, for sure you have heard before.

DOTA is a game or a map in War craft III. There are two teams which are Sentinel and Scourge. Each team can have maximum 5 players. There are total of 91 heroes and each hero got 4 skills. The base of each team is at the opposite side of each other. There are only 3 route leads which lead to the opponent base. The game is very simple, you only need to control a hero. You will level up and earn gold when you kill opponent creeps or heroes. The maximum level for each hero is level 25.The Goal for this game is to destroy “The Frozen Throne” of scourge(if you are a Sentinel) or destroy the “The World Tree” of Sentinel(If you are a Scourge).Who ever destroy the opponent “The Frozen Throne” or “The World Tree” will won the game.

Beyond Godlike is the highest rank for continually kill opponent heroes!

The game really seems to be simple but it is not when you are playing. You will need to earn gold and level up as fast as possible so that you can have good item to pawn your opponent. Teamwork is extremely important in playing DOTA. If you don’t have teamwork with your team mate, you will lose the game easily.

How nice if i can gold as fast as this.

Although the map only got 3 main route lead to the opponent base, but in between there are many side road for example forest where you can hide and hunt down your opponent with your team mate. There’s lots of strategy you can use in this simple map which make me like to play this game a lot. Beside your personal skill, strategy and team work is the most important factor to win the game.Believe me! You will like this game once you try it!


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha great game.. i love this game so much.. especially with the special them

-- BasilLeaf -- said...

Yea, everybody likes DotA.. hahahha.. Btw, where u usually play? I only play at GG-client.

eunice said...

I played counter-strike last time kekekek

Josh said...

Wa, its been 2 months since I last touched Dota...

Titan said...

yeah... see when we free... we play dota ...maybe during cny hahaha