Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Need For Speed Mc.Donald Drive-Tru Chanllege

What is the good news for last week? Certainly it is the decrease of petrol price in Malaysia.
Yeah, after knowing this news, I when to refill my empty tank on 23 August.
Guess what I see when I went to the nearest petrol station in my area.

Why are they waving the flag of Malaysia? Are they celebrating the decrease of the petrol price?

When I get a closer look, I found that beside the flag of Malaysia, they are also waving the flag of Mc Donald.

Well, it is not any pre National day celebration or for petrol price decrease but it is McD Need For Speed Drive Thru Challenge.

I think this can’t be seen in Kuching because from what I know until know Kuching’s Mc D does not have a Drive Thru Service. (Do correct me if there is).

Well, quite a number of car queuing for Drive Thru after refilling their car tank. Seem the decrease of petrol price is one of the factor than make this event success.

Still Remeber the scence above?The day before price increase, we queue for the final low price petrol. The day after the petrol price decrease, we queue for Mc Donald.

This is still the purpose i came here..255.0 sen/litre. Hope it will drop more..hehe.Should we cheer for goverment with this little gift from them?(I don't think so)


Jacqueline said...

When I first bought my Subaru Forester, it only cost me $17 US Dollars to fill up. Yesterday, it cost me nearly 50 US Dollars. :-(

cc said...

What's the challenge?

Hello, first time visiting. :)

angelyee said...

How's the Drive Thru Challenge works?