Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tanjung Aru Beach

Tanjung Aru Beach is one of the place you can visit in Kota Kinabalu. There is Tanjung Aru Resort which is another luxury resort but in this post I’m going to show the public beach in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu. This beach is only about 5 minute from Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2(KKIA Terminal 2). It is public beaches where you can see a lot of people enjoy their weekend here.

Do you notice an airplane is preparing to landing in the picture? The Kota Kinabalu International Airport is located at the seaside.

This is the lounge in Tanjung Aru. During night time, you can find quite a number of people having drinks and chit chatting here. It is located beside the beach. Besides, you can also enjoy the song sung by the workers here.

The path way along the beach.

This Beach BBQ only operates during night time. You can have all kind of BBQ sea food here.

The Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant is located beside the lounge.

At the very end of the beach, you can find different type of food compared to the front part of the beach. Here, there are many hawker stall where you can eat local food like nasi Lemak, fried Kueh tiaw, fried noodles and many more. Besides, fresh fruits and junk food are also sell here.

You can find this little crab all over the beach.


Borneo Falcon said...

To stay in Tanjung Aru could be a nightmare as the sound of the plane could prevent someone to have a peaceful sleep.

I remember staying in a hotel in the city and pretty much been disturbed by the plane once in a while

sabahking said...

i hate tanjung aru very much especially the hawker centre at there... a cheating place and lousy service i ever see before..

maslight said...

just don't go there during new years...lotsa ppl run around nekkid XD

shah said...

hopefully i will be at kk next year

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

what i think is definately nice than the stupid damai or santubong.. nothing to eat~ haha.. unless got $$$$$$$

Maharani said...

love ur pic! i use ur picture and put it oon blog. No worry, i still credit it to your blog.