Monday, December 29, 2008

Trip To Lok Kawi WIldlife Park

The reptile house in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is the most boring place in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. I said so because reptiles are passive animals. So during my visit to the reptile house, I hardly see them move which make me feel very boring. However, the advantage of their passiveness is that I can take their photo easily.

King Cobra

Reticulate Python (Ular Sawa Batik)

Cat Snake ( Ular Telor)

Malayan Box Turtle

Water Monitor Lizard (Biawak Air). Click here to watch the video clip of monitor lizard that I took in my faculty.


After visited the reptile house, here come something that more interesting. The next animal I saw is the Malayan Sun Bear. Malayan Sun Bear is the smallest bear in the world. Although it is the smallest bear in the world but I still feel that they are big. They do look cute to me and really feel like touch their fur. I wonder will they attack people although they feed on fruits and leaves.

The Malayan Tiger is the animal that I wanted to see the most before I came to this wildlife park. Well, maybe I like seeing fierce animal rather than a tame one. There are three tigers in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. According to the keeper here, all this 3 tigers are not being train because they are already adult tigers once they rise in Lok Kawi Wildllife Park. So even the keeper feed them behind the gate but not go into the cage.

They keeper also said that they do not feed the tigers frequently to keep them active. If they feed them too frequently, the tigers will just rest for whole day without walking around as an exercise because they will be too full. So if you accidentally fall into the cage, they might attack you because they are hungry.

The smooth Otter is another cute animal I see in this wildlife park. During my visit, I get the chance to see the keeper feed them. He feed them with small fish. When the keeper throws the fishes to them, they will just rush to the food. They communicates by shrill, yelping calls and whistles where I can hear it quite often when the keeper feed them. Maybe they are saying “FOOD ! FOOD ! FOOD!”.

This is Barking Deer. I got no idea why they are name as Barking Deer because I didn’t hear them bark like a dog. They just keep silent.

I wonder the wooden gate can stop this Banteng or Tembadau when it goes mad.

The Grant’s Zebra here does not look like what I imagine seem they look dirty just like the elephant.

Ankole Cattle are an ancient species of cattle from Africa. They have magnificent horns that can span as much as 1.8m. This animal really unusual for me and they are really huge.

The Miniature Horse is another unusual animal for me. They are mini like how it is named and got long hair cover all over the body.

This is not the end of my visit to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park and there are some more coming up.


Borneo Falcon said...

Interesting. So many animals here

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yalo.. so many animal so good

Matilda Carrillo said...


Very nice and interesting photos you have.

But reading your blog is boring because of the poor English.

Keep up good works.