Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is a place where you can found various types of animals. The route to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is easy because you will find the signboard all along the way which will lead you to the wildlife park when you reach Panampang. The rough estimation of time to get there from Kota KInabalu town will be about 30minutes.

This is the first time I visit Lok Kawi Wildlife although I have heard a lot about it before I pay a visit. The moment I arrive at this wildlife park, I saw a train in from of the main entrance waiting for visitor. There are two type of transport you can use in the wildlife park. First of all is the train service where you will be charge RM2 per person plus entrance fee. The second type of transport is walk on foot where you will only charge for the entrance fee. The entrance fee however consider reasonable. RM10 will be charge for adult who is a Malaysian and RM5 for children. As for foreigner, RM20 will be charge for adult and RM10 for children.

Below is the map of the wildlife park.

The first animal I saw in this wildlife park is this very common animal,rabbit where we can see even in the Sunday Market in Kota Kinabalu Town. However, I think the rabbit here are slightly bigger in size.

This peacock is the only one in this wildlife park. I would like to see it open it pretty tail but it seem that it is too shy to show me. Besides I don’t know whether this is a male or a female peacock because as I know that only male peacock will have pretty feather tail but it seem more like a male to me.

The species of bird in this wildlife park is not as much as I though.

There are two types of parrot here which are the Rainbow Lory and Yellow Crested Cockatoo. It is disappointed that the parrot here are not being train. So they are really “wild” so they don’t speak. No matter how much all how loud you spoke in front of them, they will still remain silent.

Rainbow Lory

Crested Cocktatoo


The Malay Civet ( Musang Tangalong) is a one of the cute animal I get to see here. I really wanted to have a touch on its fur but don’t know that whether there are dangerous. For your information, one their kind “Musang Luwak” can produce the “Most Expensive Coffee in the World”. Click here if you want to know more about it.


Chital is a deer species.

Sambar Deer

There are quite a few of Asian Elephant in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. From the picture, you will noticed that the elephant is quite dirty as you can see their body is cover with mud. For you information, this wildlife park also provide elephant ride which will be charge RM5 per ride. I think the elephant for this service will be much cleaner than the one in the picture.

This is a unknown animal because I can’t find any description or even its name in the wildlife park. It looks like a two horn unicorn for me.

This Ostrich is really big. In Kota Kinabalu, there is also an Ostrich garden where you can get a free ride on the ostrich. Beside, you can also eat an ostrich’s egg.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

ride ostrich -_- so geng.

no student price? dint show card ah?

consider many animal liao.. kuching dont even have any such things.. haihhhh

CH Voon said...

Seldom go to Zoo...

I prefer go to beach...

But, i prefer go to safari and can touch the lion, tiger

acura said...

Oh, I thought the animals all roam freely in the Wildlife Park. But they are all caged in just like in a zoo.

Anyway, have a Merry Xmas TNH

sabahking said...

it is a great place for me. It gives me a good memory.

Borneo Falcon said...

Do you went to the Botanical Garden? Did not see you post the photo here

david said...

i was went to lok kawi to had a visit last friday, inside the park, there has a proper and well built path allow us to walk safely, but i was disappointed with one of the area, there got a ladder for us to go to see the elephants but it surrounded all with bushes and got some punty blocked! oh gosh! y don put a proper signboard thr to let ppl noe it was nt safely to use for??