Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moonwalker,Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the most famous stars in the world. It can be said that every people in the world know him regardless of their age (of course not a new born baby) or from which country. Unfortunately he had passed away and left everything he created as a history. It is shocking news for me, when hear from radio news that he had pass away.

I got nothing much to talk about him seem you can Google for his profile easily. Seem Michael Jackson is famous and everybody knows him, but how you know this name? As for me, I can’t remember which year but I know him since I’m a kid. However, I don’t know that he is such a famous singer and dancer that create dozens of record. This is because I know him when I play a SEGA game call “Moon Walker”. Michael is the main character in the game fighting with bad guys. The greatest skill he had in that game is his dance. You use the skill, then all the bad guys will follow Michael dancing then they will be killing in the end of the dance. Although during that time the SEGA graphic is not as good as now but the way the Michael in the game dance is very nice.

I still have the game with me now but it is play with PC where an emulator is needed. A nice game to play but I can’t run it now with window vista. I wonder how many people have tried this game before? Well, this is the way I know the name Michael Jackson. After the knowing him from the game, then I start to listen to his song which is “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal” and “ Billy Jean” where it is played in the game too.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

yeah fun game... i like it also.. sad he dead so fast.. fail to perform his last concert.. sayang.. i dont think there is any other people can create such history like him anymore.. legend really legend...

lilcute_girl said...

you are legend MIKAEEL..
we always miss you..
rest in peace..
may ALLAH bless you.. rest in peace