Monday, June 15, 2009

New Moon Stephenie Meyer

New Moon is the Second book of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. In this novel, the story is more about how the love between Jacob Black and Bella Swam is being built up when the Cullen leave forks. Besides, it is also an introduction of the character for the third and fourth book of Twilight series. I said so because the rise of the Quileute tribe as werewolf and their ability is being told and the ancient coven of the vampire in Volterra of Italy, Volturi is introduce to reader. The Volturi is the ancient and the strongest coven in the vampire world. They are more likely the ruler of the vampire because their coven is the strongest with almost all the vampire in the coven have special ability.

In New Moon, Edward Cullen decided to leave Bella because he feels that he will only bring danger to Bella. When the Cullen leave fork, Bella’s live change. She can’t accept the live without Edward and she found that she can hear his voice whenever she is doing something danger. Hence, Bella bought two non-function bikes and bring it to Jacob Black to fix. She believe that riding bike will make her able to hear Edward voice because it is dangerous act. This had improve her relationship with Jacob Black. When Bella try with another dangerous act which is the cliff diving, Alice Cullen who has the ability to view the future vision but unable to see vision when the werewolf Involve though that Bella commit suicide. She returns to folk to check for Bella safety. On the other hand Edward thought Bella already dead had decided to go to the Volturi and make them kill him. Alice and Bella go to the Volturi to save Edward. The Volturi let them go with the promise that Bella will be change into vampire within a year so that the secret of the vampire world is safe.

In this novel, Victoria who is the mate of the hunter, James that killed by the Cullen had return for revenge. However she is unable to penetrate the defense of the werewolf into folk for Bella. Her friend Laurent that meet Bella in the meadow while he is hunting is killed by the werewolf when he wanted to kill Bella.

As I had mention that this novel is more like a preparation for the up coming books, there are lots of characters being introduce here. The love of Jacob Black with Bella also forms a triangle in the third book.

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