Friday, June 13, 2008

The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

For some of you this might no a new news for you but still I post it to share with all of you. This is the most expensive coffee in the world known as “kopi Luwak”. It cost you bout $50 a cup. Wow, I have to save up for few days if I want to try a cup of it. However I didn’t have a single thought of trying it not due to the price but the process of produce this type of coffee bean.

Let me tell you how this Most Expensive coffee bean is obtained. It is made from coffee beans eaten, partly digested and then excreted by the palm civet, which known as “Luwak” in Indonesia. Yiiiiak.. So if you want to try this coffee, you not just need to prepare $50 but you also need to have the courage. For me, I just can’t accept or don’t have the courage to taste things that produce from animal’s “dum dum” stuff.

However this “kopi Luwak” is still valuable due to the special and nice smell. Besides, it only produce 500 pound each year.It look perfectly nice in its packages.


ĵie-Χing & Łi ђong said...

hmm I'm not so sure about wanting to pay 500 just to drink some coffee excreted from an animal's ass. lol but if u do try it, do blog abt ur experience :P

Christine said... expensive coffee meh? haha...