Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proton's Challenger

New Honda FCX Clarity is going to make Honda to lead the whole. This is because FCX Clarity no longer needs petrol as fuel. It is the first dedicated platform hydrogen fuel cell vehicles which mean that it is power up by hydrogen. The fuel cell stack in the FCX Clarity converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. A car that doesn’t need petrol? How fast can it go by using only hydrogen? Well, the speed is not to worry because FCX Clarity can go up to 160KM per hour and one full tank of hydrogen allow you to go as far as 270 miles or equivalent to 437.5KM.Besides,FCX Clarity is a zero pollution vehicle because it only emit water vapor. This is just a brief specification of FCX Clarity.
In this high petrol price era, it is good news to hear that there are vehicle that doesn’t need petrol as fuel on the road. But how much will this car cost? Will this vehicle being commercialize so that even lower class of family can have it? Certainly this will come true just the matter of time, hope won’t take up to 10 years. Anyway a vehicle without needing expensive petrol and produce zero pollution is really what the world need not just to save our expenses but also to save the Earth.


After reading the news of FCX Clarity, I feel that this will be a tough challenge for our national product, PROTON. As we all know that Proton just start to gain profit from New Saga, if FCX Clarity being commercialize, will our government let this new challenger enter our country? Even though they will but for sure that our lovely minister or government officer will come out with some brilliant idea such as increasing the car tax and the road tax for vehicles using hydrogen fuel. This is done with the name of “protecting national product” and to create a “fair compete stage” for Proton. As a result we will still drive a petrol fuel car unless Proton got its own product which use hydrogen as fuel.


3)!7V said...

I have read about this environmental friendly car and currently they will only produce 200 in a year time and for US market only. I believe it won't be available in Malaysia within few years time. Still I can't think of any model from Proton that is worthwhile to compare with Honda existing models. said...

this car look very grand, dono how the performance

-- BasilLeaf -- said...

This car sure become a big hit if it reach m'sia.. but, u know.. m'sia always very slow 1..