Friday, June 13, 2008

RM50..Must See!!!!

Today I post a picture of an old version of RM50.Notice it carefully. What can you see? What is the special of this RM50? Can’t see anything? Never mind, let me zoom it for you to take a closer look.

Now can you see that there are printing errors on this old version of RM50? This is true, not fake. Money with printing error is very precious and valuable because you can’t get it everyday or never see one in your life. So if you got one, keep it but not spend it because it might bring you some unexpected income.

I said so because there was once, my relative got a printing error RM1 and she sold it to a money collector with a price of RM80.Wow, RM1 for RM80.This is true. So if I use this formula to calculate, then I will get RM50X80=RM4000.In addition, what I got is an old version of RM50, so logically should add another 10 times so RM50X80X10=RM40000.
This is a lot. Anyway this is just my own calculation, the real value should be base on how much the money collector can offer me, haha.

What usually happen is that when we receive money with printing error, for sure we will suspect whether it is a real or fake. So next time when you receive this type of money, think twice and make a wise decision….For me, I will suggest you to keep it because it is really RARE.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hey man.. you make me laugh.. lol.. 40K just in your mind that fast.. lol.. for my suggestion,, if anyone receive such money, come exchange with me, dont listen to this guy said, error money no value one.. fake fake fake! lol.. if u get RM 50, i buy from you by RM 1 ok! if not police notice u us fake money, tangkap you go jail ah! LollLL

nsyx01 said...
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nsyx01 said...

my bro got 1 RM50 with a side almost blank.. only can roughly c the design. no Agong head too...proparly when the money is printing, Agong just pass away, not yet decide next agong, so no put head.
his customer exchange to him de. since his work place easy collect those error printing money :D

Falcon said...

from now i'll examine the notes i get carefully..Rm1 for Rm 80..thats crazy