Friday, June 20, 2008


I use this cruise to go Labuan from Jesselton Point at Kota Kinabalu.It take about 4 hours to arrive in Labuan.

Labuan Square or Dataran Labuan is situated at the centre of Labuan town. It is a popular venue for the island's main events and performances.

A Labuan Island in the small pool at Labuan Square. Step on it…just like a giant on the island.

This is the Financial Park of Labuan. There are Service Apartment and shopping complex. If you want to buy chocolate, I’ll recommend you to buy here. This picture is taken from Labuan Square.

Clock tower near the Marine Museum.

Labuan International Sea Sport Complex houses the main sea sports centre, marine museum, souvenir shops, seafood restaurant and a tourist information centre.

World War II Memorial is one of the most visited places in Labuan. The landscaped of memorial garden is very beautiful.It is the resting place of 3,908 war heroes who died in battle during the Second World War. Every year in November a “Remembrance Day” is held to honour the lives of the valiant men who fought during the war.

This is the famous Chimney located on a rise at Tanjung Kubong.It is 106 feet high red brick stack believed to be linked to the coal mining days of Labuan. The Chimney was made from more than 23,000 pieces of red bricks.The Chimney was build according to British style.

Just right beside the Chimney there is a small museum about the history of chimney. Inside the museum there is a artificial mine cave. This are the Wax statue of people mining in the cave.It looks so real.

Here comes again my university compound in Labuan. For your information University Malaysia Sabah got two campus where the main campus is in Kota Kinabalu and the branch campus is situated in Labuan. The campus in Labuan is much more smaller than the main campus.Both campus got a very nice sea view.The one I show on my other post is the main campus in Kota Kinabalu.

A five youngsters’ trip to Labuan. See what we bought. Of course it is nothing more than wine and chocolate because they are duty free. There are still some other interesting places to visit in Labuan such as the bird park. I can’t get to visit all of it because my schedule was quite pack.

As a conclusion, the town in Labuan is very small, if you just want to walk around the town, you will not need any transport unless you want to visit places like Chimney, World War II Memorial, Bird park.. etc.

Next time if any of you get to visit Labuan, for accommodation, I’ll recommend to stay at Sara Hotel. It is a boutique hotel and the room is worth for the price. The location is very strategic, about 10 minutes walk to jetty and also a 10minutes walk to the financial park. But if you go in a big group, I’ll advise you to stay at Beta which is a service apartment in financial park.


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