Sunday, June 29, 2008

Padawan Festival 2008

Yesterday was the first day of Padawan Festival of Kuching. It is held at the MJC New Town Ship Batu Kawa. Here, you can get to eat the local food at one point. There are also car exhibition and a mini fun fair. This year, I found that the varieties of local food are very few. The car exhibition also only fills a small corner of the whole area.

As for the fun fair, it certainly not like what you can see in GENTING HIGHLAND, but the fun and enjoyment is still there if you try to enjoy it.

This 'Bang Bang Car' is the most popular among all the above.

Besides, there are still games where you can win prizes easily.

Very clear that you roll down a ping pong ball and stop in the hole with red square to win prize

Open the egg!!

Throw the dart to hit the green square mark for Cash.Two darts in one green square consider as one dart.So you have to hit all 9 squares to get RM200.00

The kid is being reward for his fishing skill!

Among all those games, the one I like the most is this.

There are 8 colors for you to bet, after you place your bet, all the 8 balls which represent each color will be release and roll freely down to the bottom of the board. The first color ball that rolls into the hole at the bottom of the board is the color that will win the bet.

Balls are rolling down the board heading to the hole at the bottom.

So what we bet for…certainly not money. This is just a game, so we bet with carbonated drinks where one tin of drink cost RM1 and will get 6 tin in return if we win the bet. We can win easily if the luck is on our side, but mostly we won’t bother to bring back all those drink, so for me I’ll keep playing and in the end…I win nothing but enjoyment.

This is what i win at the beginning.Lost all in the end!

Anyway, yesterday I wasn’t going back with empty hand. I did win a prize. Here it is. I won this prize from this game.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha.. . got time go have a look also.. lol..

Canny Har™ said...

there's a fun fair in Bukit Jalil too.. but I didnt go...looks kinda fun~~ LOL

TNH said...

West Malaysia also got fun fair?
wow..i though don have because seem there already got genting and sunway lagoon,no meaning or the fun fair won't bring any atraction

nikeez said...

wow, that ferris wheel is so retro! I haven't seen one like that for years!

lovelygal said...

wah...look fun oh...hehe