Sunday, June 15, 2008

RM625 rebate..How will you spend?

What is the biggest news for yesterday in Malaysia?

Yes, government giving petrol's rebate through Post Office Malaysia.

Still remember the scene happened on the day before our Malaysia petrol price increase?

Again, the scene of queuing appeared. But this time there is a bit different because we are now standing and not sitting inside our car with air-con like before.And this happen at Post Office Malaysia,not in Petrol station anymore.

It was just like getting signature from Jay Chow.

After we got the rebate…It seem like everything back to normal…Petrol price goes back to RM1.92 per liter. NO inflation happen…Really a happy day.

So how will you manage your RM625 cash?

Firstly and most importantly is to fill up your fuel tank.

Next, with the remaining cash go for a N95.

Not enough? Then how about just get a Nokia 5300 lo!

After that, go and have a good meal with freinds or family. Seafood, I like it….

Coming up will be some night activity…yeah!

The next morning….

There’s no more left...

All the memories of petrol price increase and inflation coming back.

So, how will you manage you money? Good managing and hardworking will bring you more wealth.

Poor managing skill will only bring you burden.

So think before you spend! Be a wise consumer!Enjoy your rebate…


So,it is a wise decision for giving cash rebate?
In this modern era, do we still need to queue to get rebate? For sure that our government got all our detail so why don't they just post the cheque to our house just like how the post us SAMAN letter?
Well,maybe they want to show that they really care for us by making this issue on headline of every newspaper…sigh..

7 comments: said...

some people will happy, they seen like yet extra bonus 600++

cos the rebate go into their pocket, and the petrol are claim from company... lol

phingy said...

the rebate thing is just so stupid.

the whole system is practically screwed up at the moment.

TNH said...

Ya...the sistem is really no well plan before they decide to give rebate....that what i want to say..when they saman you for speeding,the saman letter will be send to your house with your car model and owner there's no need us to go take the rebate by ourself..

Nik Hafidz is said...

It's a stupid system as it's not a fair system. The poorer are getting poorer and the rich become richer.

Falcon said...

Its so funny..Great Post..Its true once they get the money..It's time to spend..LOL

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

i think they dont send cause they dont want to get more work to do. so they let more work to do by us. queue lah.. got money mah.. hahaha..

Johnny Ong said...

LOL! u really put a lot of efforts into this blog posting