Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My University

In this post I’m going to show the University where I study now, University Malaysia Sabah,one of the local University in Malaysia. It is about 20 minutes drive from Kotakinabalu’s town. Below are few pictures I have taken, just part of my university compound.

This is Cancelory where all the VIP office and university'sExecutive department Located.

Cancelor Hall,big and beatiful hall

Dewan Kuliah Pusat (DKP)

Sea view taken form DKP

Place to fill up wallet,Bank

Sea view taken from cafeteria

From few picture above, you can see that My university has a nice view and environment, I like the sea view the most where I often spend my time dreaming and enjoying the sea view at the cafeteria near by. Just like what Falcon wrote in his bog bout a non famous blogger but of course I didn’t dream things bout Dawn Yang, hehe..

During my first semester, I have a very ‘busy’ life. I wasn’t busy bout my study but applying a place to stay where I feel comfortable. Yes, this is true because the hostel provided for me is terrible. This hostel is being name Indah Permai( I can’t see which part of it is Indah) which is a housing area outside my university campus. It located about 14KM from my university. Even though there are buses provided but it is still very inconvenient to stay there because the bus driver doesn’t follow their schedule. Besides some of the house are badly damage. The room I’m staying is still ok just that the ceiling will leak during heavy rain. So when heavy rain come, I have to hug a pail while I’m sleeping because the leaking part is just right on top of my bed and the bed cannot be moved. The toilet in my hostel cannot flush and I already make report but no one coming to repair. Not to mention the terrible water conveying system which always out of service.

This is the house i'm staying,4 rooms,3 double room and 1 single room

Living room modify to study room

Need to watch your step while walking on this stair

After two months of work for writing application letters to each person in charge of the hostel inside the campus, meeting them to tell and show them how pity I am, finally I have given permission to move into one of the hostel inside the campus. Although I already get used to the environment in Indah Permai but I still decided to move in because the new hostel only 5 minutes away from my faculty and the buses provided inside the campus is more convenient.

Part of the hostel inside the campus
Here are the hostel i applied
Mount kinabalu can be seen from here but only can see during early morning


Christine said...

nice university compound oh...

acura said... nice even got sea view. Me at UKM is like living in a jungle

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

wow.. nice school oh.. that kind of hostel can make me simply imagine alot... how to study? lol

weekhiang said...

nice and beautiful,much much better than my school in palm oil estate,i going to show u next sem i back in my future blog,haha...

Samuel said...

UMS is one of the university in Malaysia with the best view and scenery and to top of that... everything is new :D

PureGlutton said...

Hmm...the Indah Permai certainly looked miserable! Can't imagine u hugging a pail to sleep...hahah!