Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just A Little Dissatisfaction

Yesterday I got my chance to step in one of the well known hotel in Kuching, Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel. It is located in the centre of business and entertainment district of Kuching and it takes around 25 minutes to the Kuching International Airport. Well, mostly depend on how fast you drive. The lobby of the hotel is very nice and well decorated. It has a very nice swimming pool which located at the fourth floor. Not to mention that the stunning view u can enjoy seem it is just opposite of Waterfront Kuching.

The view of Waterfront and the DUN Sarawak that under construction from hotel's room

Well, I’m not going to right any review to intro this hotel because there are tons of website that already got the review. Besides, I don’t think that I can write a better review than other. I just want to share one of my unsatisfied on this hotel. It is the Cardio room that I want to talk about. Take a look at the picture below.

From the picture, the Cardio room looks nice right? But, the equipment inside the room does not seem to be as good as what you imagine from the picture. Among the five exercise machine, there’s only one treadmill that still in good condition. Others not totally spoil but about 50% spoiled or even more than that.

Look at the old exercise bicycle. There’s problem with the meter because you can easily get the speed of 80km/h even you cycle slowly. Besides, you cannot change the resistance level because the tuner already spoils.

The same thing goes to the Elliptical Exercise Machine. The video below show the tuner of the resistance level of the Elliptical Exercise Machine which already loose.

Loose Tuner - Click here for more home videos

This happen in the hotel maybe because the cardio room was seldom use by the guest. That is why no maintenance is provided. I feel that for any hotels, the facilities provided should be always in 100% good condition no matter how often their guests use it. This is to make sure that all the guests are 100% satisfy and feel that what they pay is worth for what they get.

You don’t get 0% for your essay by making one spelling or grammar mistake. So, overall Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel is still one of your best choices to stay if you visit Kuching. Hope they will do maintenance for the Cardio room as soon as possible.


reanaclaire said...

hey, i stayed in this hotel before.. let me many yrs ago..ard 8 yrs or so..not so sure..i believe that is the one..its opposite Holiday Inn Hotel, right?

TNH said... are right..

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

haha... maybe that Elliptical Exercise Machine is for supermen use one.. turn 1000 times then u will feel the different.. lol